Our Technology

The First Bone Adhesive To Treat

Fractured Bone and Stabilize Metal Hardware

This technology consists of mixing the powder forms of both tetracalcium phosphate and phosphoserine within an aqueous medium. Once mixed, this material is self-setting as it cures and precipitates primarily as an amorphous calcium-phosphate-phosphoserine phase, with strong bonds to the surfaces of both bone and metallic implants.  Within days the solid evolves to a more crystalline phase related to octacalcium-phosphate-phosphoserine.  This phase is metastable and, when in direct contact with tissue fluids, it partially dissolves while the remainder evolves to an apatite phase progressing from the material margins inward.  This phase rapidly osseointegrates with bone and/or to the implant surface and then, over the course of weeks to months, is fragmented and associated with giant multinucleated cell resorption. During this process, new bone formation occurs while preserving space and maintaining requisite load-bearing strength.


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